Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00, appointment  should be made beforehand (via e-mail or phone).

We do not operate in case of rain.

Pricing Table

  • Adults/odrasli 3x zipline
  • 15€
  • Kids/Otroci 3x zipline
  • 13€
  • Bigger groups/Večje skupine Tembuilding
  • By agreement/Po dogovoru

Zipline route

Zipline Bohinj is combined of four Flying Foxes.

The journey starts on a platform 3 m  above the ground, and is followed by 100 m flying fox landing on the 16 m high platform.  3 m descend down the ladder and you are ready to ride another Flying fox. This time it is 150 m long and brings you to platform that is 18 m of the ground. Jet again you descend down the ladder, this time 4 m. What follows is anther Flying fox in length of 50 m. At the end of this one you are now safely on the ground.