Opening hours: we are here every day from 10:00 to 18:00, appointment  should be made beforehand (via e-mail or phone).

We do not operate in case of rain.

Pricing Table

  • Adults/odrasli 5x zipline + QuickJump
  • 18€
  • Kids/Otroci 5x zipline + QuickJump
  • 16€
  • Bigger groups/Večje skupine Tembuilding
  • By agreement/Po dogovoru

Zipline route

Zipline Bohinj is combined of five Flying Foxes,  three ladders and a Quick Jump.

The journey starts on a platform 3 m  above the ground, and is followed by 100 m flying fox landing on the 16 m high platform.  3 m descend down the ladder and you are ready to ride another Flying fox. This time it is 150 m long and brings you to platform that is 18 m of the ground. Jet again you descend down the ladder, this time 4 m. What follows is anther Flying fox in length of 50 m. At the end of this one you are now safely on the ground, but the journey is not over yet.

Taking a walk to a ground platform that takes you on a 50 m long ride 5 m above the ground. You will be landing on a tree platform and descend down the stairs to the ground again.

What follows is a second Flying Fox. Measuring 100 m  in length which will take you on a ride between tree crowns to the 15 m high platform. From there you will climb down the lather to the second 10 m  high platform.

Now it would be a nice time to enjoy the view, because you are going down, whit a Quick Jump. It is a Free Fall simulation device, that will give you a stomach-flipping thrill of a free fall. That way you will end your tour on a high note, full of adrenaline.